Saturday, September 12, 2009

My name is Andrea . . .

and I have an addiction.

An addiction to pretty fabrics. I can't help it and I can't be stopped. I see something pretty and I must have it.

Actually, my addiction is slight (compared to some) because I exercise extreme self control when I am in the fabric store. Really, I could easily buy hundreds of dollars worth of fabric (I just spent $33 today). However, if something is irresistible and I see pretty quilts in the future, then I must have it.

Here is what I found today. I have great plans for all these "pretty" fabrics.

I have been in love with this apple & pear fabric for forever. I finally got it.

Okay, the line is named Eva. My niece is named Eva. Obviously, I needed to purchase this charm pack.

Not necessarily "pretty" but seriously fun!

Keep coming back to see how these fabrics turn into quilts.


Jan said...

I cannot wait to see these fabrics turned into quilts. I'm loving them all and think the charm pack Eva is SO cute!!! I have to ask...where do you buy your fabrics? If online, how do you know they'll all match (unless they are coming in a charm pack and specifically put together)?

Andrea and Grant said...

Hey Jan,
I try to get my Moda fabrics from the store, Wish Upon a Quilt (Westgate Rd). If there is a pack that I like but not there, I'll order it online (Fat Quarter Shop is my favorite). I do most backing fabrics and flannel and some side sashing at Joann's Fabric. If I like a fabric online, I'll just purchase that main one and then go to Joann's to match it up. I also love the Etsy Store freshsqueezedfabrics. She has a nice selection of other "name brand" fabrics that Wish Upon a Quilt doesn't carry.

Jan said...

Thanks for the info. I shop at Wish Upon a Quilt too and love that store and their customer service. Good to know about the Fat Quarter Shop and the Etsy store. Thanks!

Susan H. said...

Oh my gosh, Andrea! I L-O-V-E LOVE that apple/pear fabric! Did you get that from Wish Upon A Quilt?

Andrea and Grant said...

Apple and pear fabric actually came from Joann's Fabric. So cute.