Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pregnancy Update (Finally)

Finally, a picture worth posting! 

Here I am at 32 weeks. 

This pregnancy is flying by!  This baby is so much lower than Coraline was, so it's making exercising and moving around a little more difficult this time around.  I'm thankful though, that s/he is head down and seems pretty snug there!  Still getting a little heartburn. But overall everything is going well!  Yay!  Only 8 (or 6) more weeks left (I'm thinking s/he will be a little early).

Snow Storm 2012

So, here is a picture of the big snow of 2012!  Well, at least we got something this year!

 I did not have any good clothes for Coraline to wear so I brought the snow in for her!  I call this the "lazy mom's way" of playing in the snow.  She really enjoyed it though and played for a good 30 minutes measuring and tasting.

New Hat for C

Well, as usual, I had great plans to make something for myself.  However, I am no expert in crocheting so the slouchy hat I was attempting to make was looking like anything but a hat as I was going along.  So, I undid a few rows and just made up my own pattern.  It ended up being a cute, little hat for Coraline instead!  I wish I had kept notes on what I was doing, but I did not.  It is essentially, an increase of double crochets and then about two rows of a decrease of double crochets and then three rows of single crochets.  I just fit it on her head to check to see if it fit.

The front.

 The side.
The back.  It reminds me a little of a train conductor's hat!