Saturday, November 19, 2011


I absolutely love this picture of her!  She is growing up so fast and is turning into a little girl before my eyes!  This is a picture of her first "real" pigtails.  What can I say, I love having a little girl!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I had great intentions this halloween to make another homemade costume but could not find a yellow rain jacket or rain boots (you'll just have to wait and see who she'll be next year)!  So, we decided to revamp last year's costume--

a hot fudge sundae

Imagine, if you will, a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a large drizzle of hot chocolate (which pools at the bottom of the bowl) along with whip cream and a cherry on top! 

The hot fudge drizzle is an old shirt of mine that I took in and cut to create "drizzles."  Although you can't see it, I weighted the drizzles with some brown beads so the material wouldn't curl up.  The tutu is about as simple to make as they come- I used this tutorial.  The whip cream hair clip is my own creation- I made a tube of white material, stuffed the front part of it with batting and curled it around itself (like a snake) to create the whip cream.  I used red felt and a little brown ribbon for the cherry.  Really easy.  Paired with a white onesie and brown pants, this costume cost me about $5.00 (for the beads and tulle).

Ever seen a hot fudge sundae go down a slide-- well, now you have!

She's a girly girl

for sure!  I love how she has (on her own) found a love for shoes and accessories!  I like to put a little thought into her clothes, but have never emphasized shoes or bows.  She takes it upon herself to do that now.  One of her first words was "shoe."

Every time we go to her room she runs for her closet of shoes and tries to put them all on.  She even asks for bows in her hair (although they rarely stay in there long).  She cracks me up this girl. 

She has accessorized herself with bows and bracelets!