Monday, May 31, 2010

We are here . . .

and alive and doing well. I tell you-- the recovery process has been a long one for me and since my computer is upstairs and I've been camping out downstairs- updates have been lacking.

Coraline is doing well. She is nursing great and for the most part sleeping pretty well. She loves to be held and prefers that over her bassinet! Uh oh! I've spoiled her already. She has no set schedule or pattern that she follows as far as nursing- it changes everyday and every hour. So I'm a little nervous to venture away from home. She is very alert and has great awake time. She loves to stare at fans and windows. We take her out a few minutes a day to visit our garden. She needs a little sunlight since she had a touch of jaundice at birth (due to me and her having different blood types). She's already had a few sponge baths and likes to have her hair washed (or as her daddy likes to say "getting her hair did.") She does not cry when she needs a diaper changed but has started to wail when she is hungry (a trait she gets from me, I'm afraid)! Hmm, that's about all I can say right now.

(happy milk dreams)

(all snuggled up and warm)

(too funny- she's so tiny)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Baby L is here!!!

And it is a GIRL!

Miss Coraline Lea decided that she did not want to wait until her due date (which, really, is okay with me)!

She was born on Thursday, May 20 at 2:32 pm. She weighs 6 pounds, 4 ounces and was 18.5 inches long (don't let her fool you- she has some LONG limbs- just like her dad).

She is healthy and happy. We were very excited to be able to have the birth we wanted!!! No interventions and no pain medication. I will definitely get the birth story on here soon.

Without further ado . . . Miss Coraline Lea

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Charleston Trip

Grant and I had such a wonderful time in Charleston. I have wanted to go there for such a long time, so it was great to be able to spend our last childless vacation there.

We stayed at a great place-- the Andrew Pinckney Inn. The inn had cookies and lemonade waiting for you every afternoon and breakfast was held on the roof top. We walked everywhere- one day an estimated 10 miles! We visited graveyards, an old Charlestonian house, a plantation, the market, the SC aquarium, went on a ghost hunter tour and walked around the Battery. We also ate at some great places- Hank's Seafood, Jestine's Kitchen, Hominy Grill and Hyman's Seafood. The food was so good- we had lots of seafood and good 'ol southern food.

(Grant at the inn)

(another trip to a graveyard)

(one of the graveyards)

(Grant at the Battery)

(at the aquarium)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

34-35 Weeks

These past weeks have gone very fast. It was my last week of work and then we took a four day vacation to Charleston, SC. I've been feeling good, but I also think my body is starting to get ready for labor! This baby is sitting low and likes to kick in the morning and evenings. Very gentle kicks as s/he doesn't have too much room to maneuver anymore. Sometimes s/he likes to keep me up at night for 2-3 hour (sometimes longer) stretches at a time. I could do without that for now! Not too much longer!

34 Weeks

35 Weeks

Monday, May 10, 2010


Busy, busy past few weeks over here.

I finished my last day of work on April 30. A very bittersweet time. I'm certainly going to miss that place, but am also looking forward to my newest adventure (due here in 3 weeks, people . . . 3 weeks).

Grant and I went to Charleston for a couple of days. We had a blast and I will share some pics as soon as I get them organized. We really had a good time. We estimated that one day we walked 10 miles. Believe me, my feet felt those last couple of miles- I even dreamed of a massaging foot water bath that night! Such a pretty area and worth all the walking.

I've done a few sewing projects that I need to post. Nothing too fancy. But cute.

Will post some pictures soon. Off to be domestic now- laundry and the making of frozen dinners are on the agenda for today!