Wednesday, February 24, 2010

25 Weeks

Ooh, this week has kicked my behind. I am so tired all day it is ridiculous! Also the nosebleeds have returned daily around 9:00 am. Very strange. On the fun side of things though, there are certainly periods of time where Baby L is moving like crazy. I don't know what s/he is doing, but it's quite funny (feels like I'm going on a small roller coaster). I don't feel a lot of movement (midwife said it was because my placenta is on top), so I like to be reassured that s/he is there. So, kick away Baby L.
I did end up making a stuffed owl for the nursery. Pictures should be on my next post. It's quite cute. I will need to make a bigger one so there's a pair of them in there.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Quilt

Well, here it is. Finally. The quilt.

I wanted to do something different from what I've done in the past- namely, put together my own fabrics instead of relying on a a series from Moda. For the most part the colors work well together and the quilt works well with the nursery bedding. If I could, I would take one or two fabrics out, but hindsight is always 20/20. I also wanted a basic square patch with no sashing material. Fancy may come later, when I know if this baby is a girl or boy.

Can you spot the owl?

A sneak peek at the crib.

At least Sadie approves of the layout. The other two cats have claimed this quilt (and crib) as their own. They will be sadly disappointed when the baby comes along.

Side note: is it ridiculous to make a quilt for your cats out of left over material? I shall ponder this question and get back with you.

24 Weeks

Things are moving right along. Feeling pretty good this week except that fatigue has returned with a vengeance. I fear it will stick with me the rest of this pregnancy. Not that it's the worst thing to happen, but I'm just so tired by the time I get out of work that doing any form of exercise is pretty daunting. And I must exercise because 1) some classes are already paid for 2) keeping in shape is a very strong requirement of a non-medicated birth and 3) I feel like a slug if I don't move around!

People are just starting to notice that I'm pregnant! And these are not stranger remarks- these are people who have worked/danced beside me for awhile! It kind've cracks me up, because I'm almost in my third trimester and well, really people, do you not notice this unproportionate belly I'm sporting? It really doesn't bother me though because too much attention isn't my style.

Grant and I are enjoying are Bradley Method classes. This 2 + hour class can hold Grant's attention which is no small feat, so I'm glad we are doing this. This week we continue on first stage labor. Fun.

We'll see what week 25 brings.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Creativity. . . where have you gone?

Have you noticed the lack of posting on any creative projects? I have had no inspiration lately. I think I burned myself with card making getting ready for a craft show last winter and I sewed a lot of Christmas presents, so the machine hasn't exactly called my name recently.

However, several weeks ago, a flicker of creative juice started pulsing again. Albeit small, it was enough to jump start me straight into the arms of my well loved Singer. Well that, coupled with the great "snow" storm of NC, allowed me no choice but to finish my own baby's quilt. It is a very simple pattern and I used various pieces of fabric scraps and some sweet owl fabric. The result was perfect for the nursery and perfect to get me started back into creating. Pics coming soon.

The bug has hit again, but more because I refuse to spend $30 to $45 on a stuffed owl. Really? I am all for supporting handmade craftsman, but I just can't spend that much on a 7 inch stuffed animal. So, I decided that I can most certainly make some stuffed owls to go into the nursery. Hopefully, this "juice" will last until the weekend. I hope that I have all the scraps I need in my fabric bin and can make it without purchasing anything. And what perfect inspiration, my MIL just gave me some polyester stuffing. A creative sign- I think so.

Hopefully, pictures of some stuffed owls to follow.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

I listened to this book by Ken Kesey on tape. Boy, was it hard to follow- there are so many characters that I forgot who was speaking at times. This was most definitely not my favorite novel. I found it rather boring and long. Full of men and their antics. Not a read one would just pick up for enjoyment! But at least I can cross it off my list.

I think I am going to watch the oscar-winning movie though- if anything, to help remind me what I've been listening to for the past two weeks!

Have you read this book? What did you think?

Friday, February 12, 2010

22 and 23 Weeks

This is a very late post, but here I am at 22 and 23 weeks along.

(22 Weeks)

(23 Weeks)

Things are going great. I've gained a lot of baby weight and I definitely feel bigger. Baby L is starting to move around a lot more! Thankfully, it's still in the midsection and not in my ribs.

Big accomplishment this week is that I finally finished a quilt for the nursery. I will post about that later.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Just finished the book Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier. One of BBC's top picks. It was a good book.

I thought it would be a lot scarier than it was (probably because Alfred Hitchcock directed the Oscar winning movie) and the line on the cover says "unsurpassed . . . romantic suspense." However, the last chapters were the most suspenseful- and it takes you awhile to get there. I also thought it would be a lot wordier than it was since it was written in the late 30's- thankfully, it was not.

And as usual, I fell in love more with the house than with the characters of the book. I'm a sucker for an old English manor!

It is an easy read, although a little long. I was able to get through all of it during sporadic quiet times at work.

The movie is on my Netflix queue.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hospital v. Birth Center

I admit I have been lazy lately- no posts- but only because I find it a pain to load pics on my computer and the posts I had planned required pictures. I will try to do better!

Anyway, ever wonder why I chose a birth center (w/ midwives) rather than the hospital? Every single reason can be found in the documentary The Business of Being Born by Abby Epstein. Such a fantastic documentary.

I would encourage any woman who plans to get pregnant or is pregnant to watch it. I especially encourage anyone who plans to be with moms during a homebirth or birth center birth to watch it-- most people have a skewed image of what births are like (they only see what tv and movies portray it as), so this would give them an idea of what to expect during the process.

Some of my top reasons for a birth center birth are:

* birth my way (not strapped to a fetal monitor in the bed)

* no timelines (I'm not on the hospital's schedule, but my baby's)

* no separation of baby and mom after birth

* knowing the staff who will be supporting me during my birth (I would not know the nurses in the hospital who happen to be your support staff for the majority of the time)

These are just some of my reasons. And please don't get me wrong- I am so glad there are hospitals and Ob/Gyns available for the times when women need their expertise. I pray that I will not need to use them, but am so thankful they are there!

Have you seen the documentary? If so, what did you think?