Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chevron Ombre Crocheted Blanket

Here is my second attempt at a crocheted blanket.  I'll have to get pictures up of my first one. I love the process of crocheting because I can do it anytime and virtually anywhere.  So a row here and a row there eventually come together to create something.  It does take awhile, so patience is a must! 

I followed this blog's tutorial.  However, I made the following revisions: I did not work the back loop of the single crochet but instead worked both loops (a basic single crochet, I guess?)  I also did not do stripes; I chose to do an ombre blanket, so I used the whole skein (about 35 rows) and then moved onto the next color.

I used 1 skein each of Caron's Simply Soft yarn (6 oz.) in Country Blue, Soft Blue and White.  I loved how it turned out- really quite soft.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A New Quilt

I've been racing to get two quilts done before Baby L2 comes! Here is one that I finished just a few days ago.  A sweet mommy contacted me (after she saw a special order quilt that I had made for her cousin) and asked me to make one for her little girl's first birthday.  She wanted to incorporate a little piece of her going home outfit in the back of the quilt as well.  

She was able to pick the design and fabrics she wanted, so it was truly a collaboration.  I used the “Aviary 2 for Free Spirit” (Lilac Palette) fabric by Joel Dewberry.

I also appliqued the name of her little girl on the front of the quilt, but just for privacy sake don't have any pictures of the whole quilt. 

Finished quilt.  Don't you just love the purple and green.

The back- simple, simple.

The patchwork.

My favorite part- a small flower montage on the back that incorporates a little piece of her going home outfit and going home hat.  A sweet way to make this quilt extra special!

Hope she likes it!