Friday, January 29, 2010

The Bradley Method

Grant and I had our first Bradley Method birthing class last night. It's a husband coached method (3 months long) that encourages methods for a non medicated childbirth. Yeah, you heard that right.

Did I mention that we are going to have Baby L at a birthing center with midwives (gasp) and no medication on site (double gasp). I know, crazy. This is the plan of course- we hope Baby L will cooperate with us here.

Anywhoo, we had no idea what to expect with the class. You just never know what kind of people will show up to these kind of things. I ain't gonna lie- I had visions of incense burning hippies, ultra feminist lesbians, or unwed teenagers (and of course that would be fine, but I wanted to be able to relate to some people, you know). Well, wouldn't you know that these people are just like us- first time parents, upper 20's, married, middle class, a little quirky, etc. I think we'll be just fine.

Last night's class focused on exercises and different things to get the baby in the right position. The exercises were not knew to me, but it was good to be reminded to continue doing them throughout the pregnancy.

I hope to continue learning something here, because I'm giving up The Office to be there!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

21 Weeks

Wow, we are officially over the half way mark!

I've notice my forward folds in yoga are less, shall we say, forward. The stomach is a growing.

Definitely feel Baby L active at night, usually right after I've stuffed my face full of food.

Had my first "I'm pregnant and this is uncomfortable moment" this week- had to do with switching sides in the middle of the night.

Over all, I'm feeling great. I'm still dancing and yoga-ing, so I'm sure that helps keep me feeling good.

The nursery is coming together and I bought two more sets of cloth diapers this week. We also visited a HUGE kid's consignment shop this past week and got ourselves a bassinet, pack 'n play, bathtub and a few other random things. This event was monstrous- do not, I repeat, do not go there unprepared- you will not survive (basically, rig up some contraption to carry all your stuff in) and be on the lookout for crazy moms who cannot leave without purchasing 1001 outfits for their 3 month old!

All right. That's it for this week.

The Lovely Bones

I had some spare time at work this week (can you tell), so I was able to catch up on some reading. I ran out of books from the Times and BBC's list, so I went to my own personal stash at home and wouldn't you know, there was a book that I had been wanting to read (and was about to request from the library) sitting on my own shelf- The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Ironically, I bought this book at a garage sale before the movie had come out.

It was such a fast, easy read. Not as upsetting as I thought it would be (judging from the movie previews and the back of the book.) It was touching and sweet in its own way. Basically, a story about a murder and heaven. The way that lives change. The way people cope with death. The way life keeps on unfolding.

Highly recommend this book if you want a fast, easy read. And I didn't even shed a tear- although I was close when Holiday, the dog, joins Susie in heaven. I can't help it, I'm a sucker for animals.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks was an interesting read. One of BBC's top picks, it seams clear to me why it made the list.

It is one of the best novels I've ever read that deals with war, in this case WWI. It's heart wrenching to see what these men went through and how they had to deal with loss of life. It's so easy to see why there is post-traumatic stress with soldiers after war. How war changes the lives they lead and the way they interact with people after war. It made me hate war even more than I do now.

The novel also deals with love (and is very passionate in the beginning). A sordid tale of an affair and an illegitimate daughter. It's not particularly happy, but then again, not every affair is.

It's a good read, albeit a long one. Not bad Mr. Faulks, not bad at all.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

20 Weeks

Not much to report this week. I look and feel the same. Which is pretty good.

I bought our first set of cloth diapers and they are pretty cute- I have a thing for cows in case you didn't know.
I've researched the different options of cloth diapering and I thought it would be best to go for a one size pocket diaper (it grows with the child- 8 lb. to 35 lb). It seemed the most economical and the easiest for Grant to handle (didn't want to make him mess with pins and diaper covers). I am going to try out two different brands before I spend more money on them. I'm getting excited though.
I know most people wouldn't even consider cloth, but it has come so far from our grandmother's days. I'm just doing a few more loads of laundry (no dunking, soaking or anything like that). And I happen to like laundry.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Have I mentioned

anything about the nursery? I don't think so.
So, during the Christmas holidays we painted the nursery two different colors. Three walls are green and one wall is turquoise blue (they are complimentary). Grant actually come up with the color scheme and did a great job. I have some second hand kids furniture that we painted white. I also have my niece's old crib which is honey colored.

Then I just waited for inspiration. I really had no idea what theme we were going to go for. I knew I did not want the kind of room where everything matched down to the lampshades and diaper pail bin. I don't know, I just wanted to be able to pull inspirational things from various sources.

Then it came to me. Owls. They are cute, gender neutral and they are brown. I wanted a touch of brown in the room. So, I ordered some owl fabric for a quilt. Then I went to Target and they had owl sheets (go figure) with the same accent colors as the walls (perfect), so I got those and then they had a great brown bumper with polka dots. I had previously purchased a green crib skirt from my church's garage sale that fit right in. Okay, crib complete.

Well, I had contemplated making curtains, but apparently valences are out, and I would have spent more on the fabric (for longer curtains) then I would to actually purchase a set from Target. So, I got a set of basic brown curtains (on sale) and used some old fabric to create tie ups for them (hard to explain, you'll just have to wait for pictures). Windows complete.

Then I went to and checked out their owl pictures/posters- so cute and just the right colors, so I got two of them. Oh, and I also purchased a "Dream" wall decal that will go over the crib (part of my monthly Stampin Up purchase), so wall art is complete (I still need to get them framed).

Yay! I can't believe how fast and easy everything came together. I am trying not to be too fussy about this and I think I'm doing all right.

Grant hasn't had much input since picking the paint colors, but he told me the other night that he LOVED how it was coming together. Not too overdone was his words, I believe.

What's left- All we need in the nursery is a glider and ottoman. I'm checking Craigslist daily, but we also are able to get one through Grant's work if we need too.

As soon as I get the pictures on the wall, I will post some pictures.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

19 Weeks

This post is a little overdue, but oh well.

19 Weeks has come and gone (in fact 20 weeks will be gone soon too).

I feel the same. Round Ligament Pain haunts me every once in awhile. Love to feel him or her kick. Getting fatter but I don't think anyone would look at me and say "pregnant." I still look like I'm just sporting a Bojangles gut. It is a humbling experience for this once toned mama.

Loving some cantaloupe and kiwi. In fact, my favorite thing right now is to eat cantaloupe while watching The Tudors (did I mention that we got Netflix recently?). It is bliss.

Everyone at work knows the good news and I am so relieved that there are no more secrets! BTW- they took it fabulously! Praise the Lord!

That is all.

My long awaited Christmas Present

Reebok easy tone tennis shoes! It's balance ball inspired. It is supposed to shape your legs, glutes, calves and thighs.
I hope it works, because those areas always need to be shaped!

They were sold out everywhere the weeks before and after Christmas. But Grant (bless this man) has called every morning since Christmas to see if the stores have gotten their shipments in. They finally arrived. Today.

I hope these really work! Heck, even just a little bit!

Real Food for Mother and Baby

Here is another excellent book by Nina Planck. I wrote about another one of her books last year- Real Food What to Eat and Why. It was so inspirational that I pre-ordered her Real Food for Mother and Baby before I was even pregnant.

Again, she did not disappoint. It definitely echos the sentiments in her first book, but focuses on what do eat for fertility, pregnancy, nursing and babies first foods.

I love how she breaks down the three trimesters into very simple categories: first trimester- vitamins and minerals (this is where baby is forming all those body parts); second trimester- calcium and protein (this is where baby is building bone and muscle); third trimester- good fats, especially fat from fish (this is where baby's brain is being developed and her fat stores are being built up).
What does this boil down too? Lots of milk, dairy, meats, and eggs for me this trimester. And lots of fish for the next trimester.

It's basic, common sense guidelines- eat what your ancestors ate.

Highly recommend this book and her other book. Life-changing stuff it is.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Food, Inc.

Grant and I watched a documentary on food production in the U.S. last night-- Food, Inc. I recommend watching it if you want to know where your meat is coming from and who is really running food production in America.

It certainly didn't surprise me. The way they raise chicken, cows and pigs are outrageous and very cruel. Not to mention the way they bathe our meat products in ammonia and what not.

It touched on the food conglomerates in our country, the basic lack of power within the FDA and politicking in general.

It's sobering and overwhelming. And the whole time I was watching I was sitting there thinking "but how can one person make a difference?" I mean really. And at the end of the film they answered that question. We don't all have to be lobbyist to make a difference- we vote with every meal we make. We vote with every item we purchase. We can make a difference. And Walmart is an example- did you notice that they now offer organic milk and yogurt products? It's because people were wanting those products and were willing to buy them. So, when you go to the store buy the organic products, buy the items that are in season, and if all possible buy local.

And I know there's the sound argument that organic is expensive (and even fruits and veges are sometimes more expensive then filling junk food). Well, that's fine and it's true, but I'd rather spend my money on healthy foods now then for medications down the road. And I will always opt to spend more money on veges and fruits then the cheaper chips, crackers and cheeseburgers. It's the choices we make now that will determine our health in the future. It's the choices we make now that will dictate where and how are foods are being produced.

I am far from perfect in my eating, but I am more convinced now then ever to continue spending money on free range/antibiotic-free chickens and eggs and pasture fed beef and pork products (not only for the health benefits, but for the lack of cruelty towards the animals). I will also make it my goal this year to continue to get most all of my fruit and vege products from the farmer's market.

With every bite we put into our mouth, we are choosing how food production continues in America.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby L at 19 Weeks

So, here is Baby L at 19 weeks. S/he refused to look at the ultrasound wand. And I mean refused- I was buzzed and turned upside down, but to no avail. Baby L, you are developing a stubborn streak, I do believe. So, s/he was hiding its little face the whole time.

(Can you see its face- ear, nose, mouth?)

Here s/he is taking after his dad- the gun show is that way.

Baby L is healthy and everything is functioning correctly- yay! Can't wait to meet this little one!

Friday, January 8, 2010

18 Weeks

Well, 18 weeks has come and gone. And sadly without a picture to document it. It was around Christmas time, and despite all the picture taking, Baby L got dissed.

Not much has changed this week. I'm still dealing with strange bouts of insomnia. They leave me tired all day, so I'm a little frustrated.

I feel s/he moving around more- little kicks and jabs. It's quite fun.

Boy, do I get hungry around lunchtime. I can eat several small meals in one sitting!

We splurged on an organic crib mattress this week. It was one of the things I would not compromise on (even if the link between regular mattresses and SIDS death isn't true (and who really knows what the deal is about SIDS), the logic behind a organic mattress makes enough sense to me).

We had another ultrasound yesterday and things are pretty good. I'll post a picture soon. The pics are not great as s/he refused to look at the ultrasound wand, but it still is pretty neat.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brideshead Revisited

I am still wondering why this novel by Evelyn Waugh made it to both lists. It was just okay in my opinion. It had a nostalgic feel to it. It left me with questions. I was a little sad (more about the Marchmain house than the characters themselves). I don't know-- it was just okay.

It wasn't a fast read, but it wasn't too difficult. I honestly don't have much more to say on the subject.

I am going to watch the movie that was recently made. I'm hoping that the movie will be better than the book.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Honest Scrap!

Here are the rules:

1. Must thank the person who gave you the award and list their blog and link it.

2. Share "10 Honest things" about yourself.

3. Present this award to 7 others whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged you.

4. Tell those 7 people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving the award.


1. The person that gave this award to me was Kellan Vernon! We've known each other for a long time! We both danced together at Providence Baptist Church and attended a ballet class together (many, many years ago)! She's a new mommy to a precious little girl. You should check out her blog (linked to her name)!

2. 10 Honest Things about me:

(i) For the most part I do not care for music. There are very few songs that grab my attention and move me. Very, very strange, I know. I can't listen to the radio while driving because it makes me crazy, so I listen to books on tape instead. I have, however, really enjoyed the Glee soundtrack. One of the first CDs that I actually like (almost) every song on the list.

(ii) I love almost all vegetables and fruit. I grew up eating them and love them to this day. It's hard for me to name a vege or a fruit that I don't like- hmm, not a huge fan of green bell peppers or ripe bananas. That's all I can think of. Ooh, a salad would be so good right now.

(iii) At first, I didn't think I wanted children. Even when I was a kid, it never really crossed my mind. I'm just not a "kid" person per se. But then we had a change of heart! Although, I'm still not comfortable with children not related to me, I love to pieces my nieces and nephews and already adore my own soon-to-be-here child.

(iv) My favorite tv show is So You Think You Can Dance. I am so in awe of what those dancers can do. Sometimes I get inspired and stretch for an extra 20 seconds!

(v) I grew up wanting to be a veterinarian. I am a paralegal. What went wrong?

(vi) I love surprises. I hate when people spoil something for me. I never peek at wrapped presents. I never search for unwrapped gifts. I wait until the last possible moment to "open"/"know" my surprise. Hence, my lack of desire to know the sex of our baby. I know some women count down the days until they get to know what gender their baby is. Strangely enough, I have no such desire at all. I can't wait to be surprised on the day that he or she decides to join our family. (Disclaimer: I totally understand why people want to know though, and I would never judge anyone's decisions!)

(vii) I don't feel like I have a hometown. I also don't feel like I can attach myself to any one label- Southerner or Westerner. I was born in dairy farm country in Texas, grew up in middle class Hawaii, but have lived the majority of my life in North Carolina. I don't feel particularly connected to anyone state. I love them all for different reasons. So don't ask me where I'm from, because you get many answers!

(viii) I never eat in my car. I think it's gross.

(ix) I can only fold clothes on a freshly vacuumed carpet. I don't know why. I don't try to understand why.

(x) I am super excited to cloth diaper my baby. I hope that it is something that the baby likes too, because it sure can save us a lot of money. We bought a new washer/dryer system in 2008 with a sanitary option on it, in preparation for cloth diapering. Can you tell it's been on my mind awhile!

3. I am not going to name 7 bloggers to do this. But, if one of my readers wants to do it, just leave me a comment so I can see what you've got to say!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

17 Weeks

17 Weeks! Not a lot has changed this week. Getting a little bit bigger. I got a fetal heart monitor for Christmas, so we are able to hear the heartbeat at home-- so neat and reassuring!

We finished painting the nursery this week and got most of the furniture in the room. It is lacking decorations, but it is definitely coming together.


Grant and I had another fun-filled Christmas.

Here is our extremely tall Christmas tree. Grant had to get on a ladder to decorate the top for us. It really didn't look that tall at the Christmas tree store!

Opening up some presents! I got lots of maternity clothes this year.

I couldn't help myself with one of "Grant's" gifts. They are little massage hands and when the store clerk tried it out on me I was sold! So, I bought some and wrapped it up as one of Grant's presents and gave it to him. Knowing fully that I would never use it on him (he doesn't like that stuff) and that they would only benefit me! He was a good sport about it!

Pillowcase Dress #3

My last pillowcase for Christmas. Went with a "tropical" theme here.