Friday, April 17, 2009

Strawberry pickin'

Oh, I'm excited. I actually have plans this Saturday. Real, live actual plans. That involves other people. And strawberries.

That's right- I'm going strawberry picking at an ORGANIC farm tomorrow. Whoo-hoo!

Did you know that strawberries were one of the "dirty dozen" fruits- named so because most farms use tons of pesticides on them and they don't have a hard outer covering to protect themselves (say, like a banana or orange).

So needless to say, I'm thrilled that there is a organic farm nearby! Hope to have some pictures of our morning so I can post them later.

And since I will be getting lots and lots of strawberries, I was thinking about making some jam out of them- this would be my first experience with canning. Let's just pray that I don't give myself botulism or something equally as exciting! I'll have to blog about that too, if I decide to brave it.

Anyway, in addition to strawberry pickin' I need to work on my arbor/trellis thingy. 75 degrees tomorrow- couldn't be a better day to be outside!


The Pearce Family said...

Hudson is itch'n to go pick strawberries and I was just telling him that I wanted to make jam this year. If you find a good recipe, let me know! Have fun :)

Oldmarrieds said...

Vollmer Farm is absolutely awesome! (I recently blogged about it too) You'll have a great time. We try to make it out there a few times during the growing season because their produce is delicious (and almost all organic!). I highly recommend their 'specialty mix' of lettuce (doesn't look like a lot for $4, but it is and is SO fresh, it has a great fridge shelf life too) and their asparagus was wonderful last weekend. - Julie S.

Krystal (aka Pirouette) said...

Girl, I haven't had a good fresh strawberry since I left Vermont--and that was 20 years ago! I'll have to check this place out.