Monday, April 27, 2009

Right Now I am . . .

eating : nothing at the moment. drinking peach green tea. just finished a peanut butter sandwich with my homemade strawberry jam. so delicious.

feeling : guilty that I'm blogging instead of working. will get back to work right away! yes sir. please don't tell my boss!

listening : to my neighbor's conference call through our very thin walls. no attorney-client privilege there. a lawnmower.

watching : my computer screen.

loving : how gorgeous today is. so sunny. so blue. so vibrant. so summer-like.

thinking : i wish i were at home today enjoying this weather and baking bread or something.

hoping : that the rest of the day will fly by. that i will start my indexing project.

wishing : for all things baby today.


Sarah said...

are you expecting?

Andrea and Grant said...

No, wish I was though!