Saturday, April 4, 2009

Green Potato Chips??

No, but the best alternative to potato chips. I would never, in a million years, believe that kale chips taste pretty much like potato chips. These little beauties are crunchy, salty and green. What could be better. Seriously, they lose the "kale" flavor when baked, so don't worry about it tasting too funny. This is a wonderful alternative to chips. And another great way to use the ultra nutritious kale.

The recipe

Kale-- cut or tear the leaves from the stalk into bite size pieces

Sea salt

Olive oil

* put the kale into a plastic bag or tupperware.

* drizzle olive oil over the leaves-- just enough to coat.

* sprinkle a little sea salt onto the kale (just a little- for some reason it gets seriously salty after baking)

* shake the bag or tupperware and get the kale coated evenly with the salt and olive oil.

* spread on baking sheet and bake for approximately 17 minutes in a 350 degree oven. Bake until leaves are crispy.

* enjoy!

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Krystal (aka Pirouette) said...

Hmm...I don't know about this, Andrea. But I might just try it!