Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Right now, I am . . .

eating : an apple from the farmer's market with natural (reduced fat) peanut butter (don't get me started on reduced fat. i am not a fan, but it was the only thing available in my work's pantry. people, you need your good, healthy fats).

feeling : full and satisfied. ready to finish the last half of the work day (i'm on a lunch break right now).

listening : to the soft whir of my space heater. it's freezin' in this here office. papers rustling. people typing.

watching : the day fly by before my very eyes. the glare of my computer screen. the rain tapping against my window.

loving : the fact that i just had lunch. really, there's not much more to love at the office.

plotting : my escape!

thinking : about dinner tonight (apparently, food is always on my mind). Willie Nelson. green tea.

hoping : that the rest of the day goes by fast. dance class will be challenging. dinner will be delicious. that i'm not going to die from this strange pain in my side- ouch- don't worry i've already called the doctor.

wishing : that my life won't be so boring and revolve around just food. that the weekend will be here soon-- 75 degrees and i plan to be outside. that i get my arbor done this weekend.

That's me today.

1 comment:

Krystal (aka Pirouette) said...

LOL@ plotting your escape! I used to do that a lot. Can't wait to hear how your arbor turns out.