Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Real Food for Mother and Baby

Here is another excellent book by Nina Planck. I wrote about another one of her books last year- Real Food What to Eat and Why. It was so inspirational that I pre-ordered her Real Food for Mother and Baby before I was even pregnant.

Again, she did not disappoint. It definitely echos the sentiments in her first book, but focuses on what do eat for fertility, pregnancy, nursing and babies first foods.

I love how she breaks down the three trimesters into very simple categories: first trimester- vitamins and minerals (this is where baby is forming all those body parts); second trimester- calcium and protein (this is where baby is building bone and muscle); third trimester- good fats, especially fat from fish (this is where baby's brain is being developed and her fat stores are being built up).
What does this boil down too? Lots of milk, dairy, meats, and eggs for me this trimester. And lots of fish for the next trimester.

It's basic, common sense guidelines- eat what your ancestors ate.

Highly recommend this book and her other book. Life-changing stuff it is.


Sarah said...

Have you seen the Beaba baby-food maker? It steams and purees in one bowl, in baby sized portions. Beaba also makes a BPA-free baby-food freezer tray and feeding utensils. I found them at Williams & Sonoma. I didn't buy it--I just use a food processor or blender to make the puree and then freeze it in BPA-free trays--but it's really cute!

Andrea and Grant said...

How funny, my sister was just telling me about that. It's a bit expensive, so I was wondering if I shouldn't do what you do (since I have a blender and food processor), but fun to see all the neat stuff out there!

Sarah said...

It is expensive and I can't imagine it doing the job better than a blender or a food processor. I mean, puree is puree!