Friday, January 8, 2010

18 Weeks

Well, 18 weeks has come and gone. And sadly without a picture to document it. It was around Christmas time, and despite all the picture taking, Baby L got dissed.

Not much has changed this week. I'm still dealing with strange bouts of insomnia. They leave me tired all day, so I'm a little frustrated.

I feel s/he moving around more- little kicks and jabs. It's quite fun.

Boy, do I get hungry around lunchtime. I can eat several small meals in one sitting!

We splurged on an organic crib mattress this week. It was one of the things I would not compromise on (even if the link between regular mattresses and SIDS death isn't true (and who really knows what the deal is about SIDS), the logic behind a organic mattress makes enough sense to me).

We had another ultrasound yesterday and things are pretty good. I'll post a picture soon. The pics are not great as s/he refused to look at the ultrasound wand, but it still is pretty neat.

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