Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby L at 19 Weeks

So, here is Baby L at 19 weeks. S/he refused to look at the ultrasound wand. And I mean refused- I was buzzed and turned upside down, but to no avail. Baby L, you are developing a stubborn streak, I do believe. So, s/he was hiding its little face the whole time.

(Can you see its face- ear, nose, mouth?)

Here s/he is taking after his dad- the gun show is that way.

Baby L is healthy and everything is functioning correctly- yay! Can't wait to meet this little one!


Jan said...

Baby L is absolutely beautiful!!! What a great ultrasound photo too! Sorry he/she wasn't very cooperative.

Robbie and Melissa said...

ok so I'm guessing it's a boy! And if you want to see the baby move drink a Dr Pepper 1 hr before your appointment and the baby will be dancing. :)