Friday, January 29, 2010

The Bradley Method

Grant and I had our first Bradley Method birthing class last night. It's a husband coached method (3 months long) that encourages methods for a non medicated childbirth. Yeah, you heard that right.

Did I mention that we are going to have Baby L at a birthing center with midwives (gasp) and no medication on site (double gasp). I know, crazy. This is the plan of course- we hope Baby L will cooperate with us here.

Anywhoo, we had no idea what to expect with the class. You just never know what kind of people will show up to these kind of things. I ain't gonna lie- I had visions of incense burning hippies, ultra feminist lesbians, or unwed teenagers (and of course that would be fine, but I wanted to be able to relate to some people, you know). Well, wouldn't you know that these people are just like us- first time parents, upper 20's, married, middle class, a little quirky, etc. I think we'll be just fine.

Last night's class focused on exercises and different things to get the baby in the right position. The exercises were not knew to me, but it was good to be reminded to continue doing them throughout the pregnancy.

I hope to continue learning something here, because I'm giving up The Office to be there!


Anonymous said...

I would love to have been a fly on the wall to watch Grant. I'm sure he will be fine. Ya'll are going to be great parents. Garry was great with the Lamaze classes, he was a very good coach. You can do this!!!

Anonymous said...

I always forget to sign my name.

Sherri - but I guess you figured that since I mention Garry.

Heather said...

oh yay!!! we LOVE the Bradley method and did it with both boys. my second was born at home, btw. good for you Andrea! It is so great to hear that so many women are making the choice to be in control of their birth experience and not letting doctors tell them what to do. exciting!!!