Friday, January 15, 2010

Food, Inc.

Grant and I watched a documentary on food production in the U.S. last night-- Food, Inc. I recommend watching it if you want to know where your meat is coming from and who is really running food production in America.

It certainly didn't surprise me. The way they raise chicken, cows and pigs are outrageous and very cruel. Not to mention the way they bathe our meat products in ammonia and what not.

It touched on the food conglomerates in our country, the basic lack of power within the FDA and politicking in general.

It's sobering and overwhelming. And the whole time I was watching I was sitting there thinking "but how can one person make a difference?" I mean really. And at the end of the film they answered that question. We don't all have to be lobbyist to make a difference- we vote with every meal we make. We vote with every item we purchase. We can make a difference. And Walmart is an example- did you notice that they now offer organic milk and yogurt products? It's because people were wanting those products and were willing to buy them. So, when you go to the store buy the organic products, buy the items that are in season, and if all possible buy local.

And I know there's the sound argument that organic is expensive (and even fruits and veges are sometimes more expensive then filling junk food). Well, that's fine and it's true, but I'd rather spend my money on healthy foods now then for medications down the road. And I will always opt to spend more money on veges and fruits then the cheaper chips, crackers and cheeseburgers. It's the choices we make now that will determine our health in the future. It's the choices we make now that will dictate where and how are foods are being produced.

I am far from perfect in my eating, but I am more convinced now then ever to continue spending money on free range/antibiotic-free chickens and eggs and pasture fed beef and pork products (not only for the health benefits, but for the lack of cruelty towards the animals). I will also make it my goal this year to continue to get most all of my fruit and vege products from the farmer's market.

With every bite we put into our mouth, we are choosing how food production continues in America.


Sarah said...

I thought Food Inc. was an excellent film! It touches a lot on what Michael Pollan investigates in The Omnivore's Dilemma. Did you have a chance to read it yet? I know you already make great food choices but the info in the book is awesome to have when trying to talk to others about the food industry. It literally changed the way I eat and feed my family!

Andrea and Grant said...

Sarah, thanks! I haven't read that book yet, but it is on my list to read. Can't wait to get it. I never would have thought that food would be something I'm hardcore about, but it is beginning to become my passion- the one are I am willing to devote time, energy, thought and money towards!

Alice said...

I haven't seen the film but after Christmas I started switching over to organic. I can't go completely organic b/c I still have a weakness for Bojangles and Krispy Kreme, but I have to admit I feel better overall. It's CRAZY what they put in our food. A book you might really enjoy is "Master Your Metabolism" by Jillian Michaels- it's all about how additives and processed foods, etc contribute to health problems by throwing off your natural hormonal balance.

Krystal (aka Pirouette) said...

I have not seen this, and I'm almost afraid to. I've been making my way into organic foods here and there and trying to me more cognizant of what I eat. I think what is especially frightening are the GMO and irradiated foods that have made their ways into our stores. The GMO corn and soy products are not labelled, so the best way to avoid them is to go organic. Same thing with irradiated food. Meats have just been approved for this treatment, and the consumer really has no way of knowing. The gov't, FDA, industry, etc. don't know how these food alterations are going to affect us long-term, so in effect, we're being used as guinea pigs.

The Pearce Family said...

Do they really soak the meat in ammonia? Ugg...Earth Fare, here I come!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've been buying my meat from Whole Foods these days. Staying away from the red meat and focusing on fish and poultry. Have to watch where the fish comes from though. Organic fruits and veggies taste so much better, just wish they weren't so expensive.
Kaley did a research paper on genetically modified food. That was a real "eye-opener" too.