Monday, March 2, 2009

Everyday Minerals Makeup

I have just discovered a makeup line that uses minerals (as the name implies) as its ingredients-- and boy am I super excited about this discovery! Everyday Minerals is an extremely affordable, natural makeup line. I went ahead and got their free sample kit in the mail (go here for information on that), and it came within a few days (you do need to pay $3.97 for shipping). They are very generous sample sizes, so it will give you a good idea about the product.

It is a powder based line, so there are still a few tricks I will need to learn (i.e, foundation primer, water spritz, etc.), so as to not make your skin appear cakey or dry, but I think once I master those tricks this may be a great line for me.

This line is not in stores, so you need to order online. That's why I would encourage you to get their free sample kit for foundation colors.

This is a seriously affordable makeup line, which I need right now (I'm ashamed to say I will spend up to $40 to $50 on a single tube of foundation)-- their foundation is only $12-15.

Of course, the best part is the chemical freeness (I know, not a word). I'm careful about the lotions and things I put on my skin, but have never thought twice about what is in my makeup. Partly because I've always had skin issues and the need for good coverage has always outweighed my concern about ingredients in makeup. I'm hoping that this might be the solution for me.

If you're at all interested- get a free kit and go from there!

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