Friday, March 27, 2009

Here I go again . . .

Being a bad blogger that is. Wow, again, a crazy two weeks. Maybe one day I'll share what has been going on. In the meantime, I'm getting ready for the ever popular RAINBOW DANCE CONCERT!!!! Please come if you are in the area. Details here. Wow, my life will be a bit simpler once this concert is over! I've even lost a couple of pounds recently from all the dancing- woo hoo! I know, random thoughts-- this is where my head is lately.

And, by the way, spring has not arrived yet. It's still cold and rainy. But I can't wait to start on my garden this year and my sister gave me an old trellis that needs some TLC, so I'm excited to start on that project too-- spring are you coming anytime soon??

That's it for now. I'm planning a post on my homemade, whole wheat pancakes and hopefully a before and after of the trellis project!

Be well my friends!

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