Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Coconut Oil Revisited

I had a post about coconut oil awhile back and, I swear, I keep running into new articles or blog posts about it. This is a miracle oil! Here is a blog post from Passionate Homemaking about coconut oil-- read it here. Who knew you could make toothpaste and deodorant out of it.

In addition to using it in our cooking, I've started using it as a face lotion/acne medication. So far, it has been great (not a miracle cure, but good). It absorbs into the skin quickly (and smells nice) and I'm hoping that some of the antifungal/antimicrobial properties will help with the face issues. I've been convicted lately about some topical acne mediation that my dermatologist recommended. It's a very gentle medication and one that I've used for a couple of months. But it was just not getting the job done. I started thinking that if it wasn't making a difference then why the heck was I putting that stuff on my face and consequently into my system. And then it dawned on me: coconut oil = antifungal, etc., so why wouldn't this help with acne issues?! I decided then and there that I was better off putting a natural substance on my face (one that I was willing to ingest) then a man made chemical. I'm praying that this will be a good solution for me-- a lotion and an acne medication all in one!

It's a great oil (God put it on this planet for a reason, right?). And it will last forever. Go get ya' some!


Krystal (aka Pirouette) said...

Hmm...I've never tried coconut oil for a facial treatment. I've read that applying apple cider vinegar to your face as an astringent (as well as ingesting it) is great for reducing breakouts. I have yet to try that, as I have been using Extra Strength Proactiv, and that seems to be doing the job (save for a small breakout during that time of the month).

I may start using the ACV in the morning instead of the Murad I was going to purchase.

I also heard jojoba oil is good for the skin too, as it's non-comedogenic and it's similar to our skin's natural oils.

Let us know how the coconut oil turns out! :-)

Andrea and Grant said...

I will Krystal. I also use jojoba oil and I do like that a lot too.

Krystal (aka Pirouette) said...

Well, I cleansed as usual this morning and used the ACV (mixed with lavender essential oil) as an astringent (I usually use this with water as a hair rinse). It smells, but if it keeps the acne at bay, I'm all for it. I used the my jojoba/vitamin E oil mixture last night and this morning as a moisturizer. I think my skin likes it a lot, as I hate those heavily fragrance moisturizers.

One thing I would not recommend is using baking soda. I've read that some people have good results using it as a scrub/cleanser, but it gave me a bumpy rash that took a week to clear up. I was mad too, b/c my face had finally started looking better, and I messed it up with the baking soda!

I've used coconut oil as a hot oil treatment for my hair and in a shea butter cream I made.

Andrea and Grant said...

Thanks for the info Krystal. I should try the ACV as an astringent. And I'll skip baking soda- i have a feeling that would really sting my face and I don't need any more problems. Also never put straight tea tree oil on your face or lips (swells, burns and all together awful)!