Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crazy Weather

Here is NC weather for you-- snow on Monday and sunny 73 degree weather on Friday. Actually, the wild temperature change doesn't bother me much. Having lived in Hawaii for 10 years, where the weather rarely fluctuates, I have immensely enjoyed the seasons that NC has to offer.

I can, however, say that I am ready for spring. I'm cold, I want to be outside again and I desperately need some sun. So, I'm ready for this weekend. This is also the month that I start my garden, so I want to start thinking about what I want this year. I really want to beef up on my herb garden this year-- last year I let it slip a bit. And I want to grow tomatoes and some other vegetables again this year.

Grant and I also want to work on our yard some. We have an ugly chain link fence that divides our property from the Shriner's Club, so it needs to be covered up. I decided that gardenia bushes would probably be the best option for us. After unsuccessfully trying climbing roses and jasmine plants, bushes seemed the next best option. Besides being my favorite flower, they are evergreen bushes and grow pretty tall. Hopefully, this will add some texture to our backyard. We also need to finish covering our slope with creeping phlox. This ground covering is so pretty in the spring- white, purple, pink and blue flowers cover our whole hill. Very nice. I also want to put some color in our front yard. I'll probably just get a big pot and put some flowers in there.

Well, I'm ready for spring-- are you?

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