Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grant's Yard Projects

Grant has outdone himself with the yard projects.

He knew I always wanted a small raised bed for vegetables, but he couldn't imagine letting his 9 months pregnant wife climb up an unstable hill to get to the garden (how kind), so he decided that he needed to make stairs. And stairs he made:

The beginning of the stairs. Behold the Carolina red clay. I hate this stuff.

Project 1 completed. My contribution was the plants.

Instead of a simple raised vegetable garden, Grant decided that we needed a retaining wall/raised garden that extended the length of our yard. I thought this was a fabulous idea because we back up into a chain link fence and for years have discussed what the best option of hiding this ugliness was. The solution- a retaining wall/raised bed!

The backyard before the raised bed.

Raised bed completed!!

The fun part, of course, was planting vegetables and flowers. It's so big, but we filled it up nicely, I think. We also planted ivy to climb up the chain link fence. It will be a battle to keep it from growing in the garden, but one I'm willing to handle to cover the chain link.

The view from the other side.

Remember this project from past posts? Well, the trellis is finally up, staked and has cute little vines growing on both sides.

Grant fell in love with the moss on one of his visits to Lowes. He had to put a moss garden behind the trellis. I think it will look so cool when it fills out.

This is the view from the driveway. It's so pretty when you first drive up. I'm so excited that after 6 years, we finally are starting to make this yard look good.

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