Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby Shower

I had my very first baby shower this past weekend. And can I just say how surreal it is to be the guest of honor- so strange (and fun)!

My sisters hosted the event. They did such a fabulous job with the theme, food and games. Everything was so cute and well thought out and I am still dreaming about the delicious chocolate covered strawberries and asparagus wraps. YUMMY!!

My sisters- Lauren, Rhea and me

My mom and niece were there to help too!

Rhea had the most creative idea to have everyone make an owl and write a wish, advice or thoughts for Baby L on the back of it. I don't know how I will display them yet-- a collage, a mobile? Any other ideas?

My owl

Mom's owl

Co-worker's and niece's owl

And of course, we got so many great things for Baby L.

Who can resist duckie outfits!

Lauren was in charge of games. We had guess the amount of skittles in the bottle game, guess Andrea's belly size using dental floss and guess what baby food you are eating.

Some of the girls measuring out the dental floss.

Measuring the belly. She got second place.

Hmm, what on earth are we feeding our babies. I couldn't even discern a vegetable in some of them!

I tasted all of them though. Everyone was such good sports.

Oksana did not particularly like the chicken vegetable mix- neither did I.

I had such a great time. Thank you to Rhea and Lauren for making it so special!!

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