Monday, May 10, 2010


Busy, busy past few weeks over here.

I finished my last day of work on April 30. A very bittersweet time. I'm certainly going to miss that place, but am also looking forward to my newest adventure (due here in 3 weeks, people . . . 3 weeks).

Grant and I went to Charleston for a couple of days. We had a blast and I will share some pics as soon as I get them organized. We really had a good time. We estimated that one day we walked 10 miles. Believe me, my feet felt those last couple of miles- I even dreamed of a massaging foot water bath that night! Such a pretty area and worth all the walking.

I've done a few sewing projects that I need to post. Nothing too fancy. But cute.

Will post some pictures soon. Off to be domestic now- laundry and the making of frozen dinners are on the agenda for today!


three14creations said...

And the new chapter of your life is starting already. I can't believe you're done with work and in three weeks your little one will be here. It feels like just yesterday you were announcing your pregnancy. I can't wait for this day for you. You are going to LOVE it! :)

Andrea and Grant said...

Thanks Jan!