Monday, March 29, 2010

Call It Sleep by Henry Roth

The name just about sums up the book. I found this book terribly boring and long. I listened to it on tape (I couldn't have read that thing if you paid me), so it was 15 min. here and 15 min. there, which made for a long listen.

This is a book about a recent immigration of a Jewish family to America in the early part of the twentieth century. The problem with this novel was not the story line, but the fact that I disliked every single main character. The main character, David, a 6 year old boy was whiny and such a momma's boy that it made me sick. The father was cruel and abusive. The mother aided in David's "babyness" and coddled him way too much. Yuck. How can you like a book when you dislike every character?

This was just not interesting to me at all. At all. So glad it's done.

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