Wednesday, March 10, 2010

26 and 27 Weeks

(27 Weeks)

(26 Weeks)

I did not realize that I had failed to post a 26 weeker. Both 26 and 27 weeks were about the same though. I've gotten more energy back this week, but still can unashamedly go to bed at 9:30.

Baby L has taken to acrobatics these past two weeks. Still no kicks that take my breath away or anything, but enough to feel some rolling around.

I can't believe that I have to start seeing the midwives every two weeks now. It's crazy how fast these last few weeks have flown by. Yay for the third trimester!

We bought a travel system and glider this week. We rocked it on the glider and used a 20% off coupon on the travel system, so I'm pretty pleased with our purchases so far. Nursery is almost complete, so I'll be able to post some pics soon.

That's it! Welcome third trimester!


Jan said...

Yea third trimester! You look just simply gorgeous! :) It will fly by from here on out, so get ready....cause parenthood comin'. :)

The Pearce Family said...

Wow! Baby L's going to be here before we know it. Time flies in the third trimester. Get ready :)

Robbie and Melissa said...

You look great Andrea!! And I'm going to guess it's a boy because you're carrying like I did, way down low!!!