Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Much Better

I'm glad I tried a practice pillowcase dress first, because there were some things that I wanted to change. The ribbon shoulder straps needed to be wider. The main fabric needed to be longer and I needed to do something about the arm holes.

My next "try" turned out much better.

The armhole solution was to create bias tape out of the sashing fabric. Much cuter and much "cleaner."
I love this version of the dress with one long ribbon creating the shoulder straps.


Sarah said...

so cute! i love it. if only i could find a pillowcase big enough to fit me... :)

The Pearce Family said...

I love that material! You're so crafty :)

Rhea said...

Which little girl gets this one? Addison, Eva or Oksana? Cant wait to find out!

Andrea and Grant said...

I'm leaving you both in suspense, since I have spoiled half the surprise for you all!

Chris and Melody Harrell said...

umm - totally adorable!!! I'll be ordering one of these from you (if you decide to sell them)!