Sunday, November 15, 2009

Craft Fair

Have I got any readers left???

If so, I have a great excuse for being absent for so long. I had been furiously stamping away creating greeting cards, notebooks, calendars and quilts for a craft fair. Oh my, the craft room was outta control these past few weeks. But I was able to pull together quite a stash of cards.

It was a ladies' retreat as well as a craft fair, so I got to hear some neat speakers and sell my stuff. It was at my sister's church, so added bonus is that we got to spend Friday and Saturday together (a rare event with my working schedule and her 4 kids)!

Can I give a shout out to my sister who is the best salesperson in the world! She's not pushy but she tells you what you need to buy! I sat like a lump most of the time nodding and smiling. I can create it, but I can't sell worth a darn. It's the way God made me- so there. Thanks Rhea, I never would have sold anything without you!

Here are some pics of our booth:

The quilts. I didn't sell any, but got lots of compliments. Several people took my card, so maybe they'll remember me in the future!

Oh, the cards. The many, many cards.


Krystal (aka Pirouette) said...

Wow! You've been busy. The cards and quilts look great. I hope you made out well.

Chris and Melody Harrell said...

it all looks so beautiful!