Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What now? A Pillowcase Dress of course . . .

So, I'm conversing with a sewing friend one day asking her about her serger and all. I had been thinking about getting one, but I was unsure about spending the money. Well, another lady had overheard our conversation and a few weeks later, out of the blue, e-mailed me and asked if I wanted her old serger. I jumped at it (and offered to pay her some), but she insisted I take it for free. What a blessing! And it was all the inspiration I needed to create a pillowcase dress (or parachute dress) for some adorable nieces of mine.

I had promised my SIL I'd try to make some for her little girl, Addie. Then I was talking to my sister, who thought two matching dresses for her little girls would be fantastic. Well, I had a spare white pillowcase and decided to try to master this pillowcase dress before Christmas.

Well, I would say that my first attempt was pretty successful. I'd like to try to master the arm hole a bit more and, I think I will need to make it a little smaller for, well, smaller girls. But other than that, I was very happy with the finished product. Thought I would throw in a appliqued flower to finish it off. I'm thinking of adding ribbon to the section where the white meets the pattern material. Should have done it earlier, but chickened out (the ribbon was slippery).

Oh, serger, you are my new friend. You are complicated and tricky, but you create a lovely seam. One which my sewing machine will never be able to rival.


Susan H. said...

Yes, you still have readers and boy are we excited you're back! :-D

I LOVE the pillowcase dress! I think the ribbon would add a lovely touch, but I completely understand how slippery they can be.

Congrats on the craft fair and the lovely Christmas presents for your nieces!

The Pearce Family said...

Love it!!! I promise not to tell Addison what she's getting for Christmas :)

Chris and Melody Harrell said...

i love it! i have a hard time with the armholes too :) I think your first attempt looks fantastic! Maybe you can give me some helpful hints! lol