Monday, August 31, 2009

My first Etsy sale

Woo-hoo, I'm excited. I got my first special order/Etsy sale done this weekend. It was a special order request (from someone that I don't know personally). She wanted the Duckie quilt (Lizzy House Red Letter Day fabric) done for her toddler. Same one that I did before but bigger and with an orange backing. I thought it turned out super cute with the orange backing.

I even added her little girl's name to the quilting. Clever idea from the buyer. This about gave me a stress attack though. It's hard to write with your needle (at least it was for me). After I ripped the stitches out for the third time, I tried to relax and just go for it. It's not perfect (to my standards at least), but it was cute and you can read what it says.

I'm such a perfectionist. I get so nervous selling my work. I seriously said a little prayer over the blanket that the tiny flaws would go unnoticed and the buyer would be thrilled with the result.

My second special order (different pattern, same fabric) will be finished this week.

I'm excited that I'm getting my name out there. Someone from the SPCA contacted me and asked for a donation (I donated the Hushabye stacked coins quilt). Hopefully, that will bring some lookers to my Etsy site.

I'm also going to be apart of my sister's craft fair in November. I'm furiously working to get a small stash of quilts ready as well as table runners, hand stamped cards and other small crafts.

And I got so excited that I even purchased a few business cards this week (mainly for the craft show).


Heather said...

awesome!!! you're stuff is really beautiful!

Jan said...

I am so amazed! Yet another gorgeous quilt! It looks incredible! I love the colors and what a fun orange background. The buyer is going to love it!!! Very impressed with you adding the name in stitches. It looks great! Can't wait to see your next quilt (already sold). What a great idea to donate a quilt (getting your name out there) and being a part of your sisters craft fair in November. Your creations are going to be a hit! I can't wait to see your business cards (post when you get them). :) Congratulations on your first Etsy sale!

Melody Strong Harrell said...

wow! that's so exciting! congratulations!!! what craft fair is your sister doing this Fall?

Sarah said...

congrats andrea!! as an etsy seller, i can assure you that the "flaws" that mark an item as handmade with love are appreciated by the people who CHOOSE to buy handmade! you make beautiful quilts...if we weren't budgeted within an inch of our lives, i'd buy one (or two, or three!) from you in a heartbeat!

Krystal (aka Pirouette) said...

Dang, girl! You hit the ground running! Congratulations on all your success!