Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dreaming With a Broken Heart

Yes, I know the title is dramatic. But I'm in a dramatic kind of mood today. (By the way, the title is from a John Mayer song).

I was so sure that this would be the day for some good news and once again and I was disappointed with the results. I don't know the best way to protect my heart, but I need to do a little better. I know it's not a surprise to most of you that we are trying to have a baby. We've been trying for what seems like a long time (but not really, I guess).

So, I continue to hope for the future, but not without some sadness. Appropriate title, yes. A little dramatic, of course. It's a dramatic kind of day. And it's only 11:20 am.


Sarah said...

The Lord put it on my heart about a month ago to pray for you about exactly this! Do not be discouraged. It took us 2.5 years to conceive our third child. Although Judah is our third baby, he was my fifth pregnancy. So I have struggled with much of the same feelings you must be experiencing, which is probably why God has called me to pray for you! All things happen in His time, and He knows exactly what's best for you and Grant. Let me know any specific issues I can pray for, and just know that you are in my heart!

Andrea and Grant said...

Thank you so much Sarah. We too had a miscarriage early this year, so my emotions range from sadness to frustration. However, I know that it is God's timing that is important and not mine. And I cling to that when I have the "not so good" days. Thanks again for all your support and prayers! Good news will come eventually!

Krystal (aka Pirouette) said...

Andrea, I stand in agreement with you that God will give you the desires of your heart.

Heather said...

andrea, thanks so much for sharing this. i didn't know that you were officially trying and now i know to pray!! it took us over a year to conceive our first.
with prayer as the first course of action, i HIGHLY recommend the book "taking charge of your fertility". it's big. but worth it. it's like the manual they should have given us as teenage girls.
take care! xoxo