Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Right Now I am . . .

drinking : peach green tea. i love this stuff. i must have a cup after i eat lunch-- for some reason my mind thinks it helps with digestion (although i have no scientific proof of this).

feeling : bored to be honest. not a lot going on at work and i'm just trying to make my day go by faster. woop-a-di-woop it is 3:00- only 2.5 hours left!

listening : to the construction workers working on the parking deck outside. the drilling/saws were making some low strange sounds awhile ago and i went all over the office looking for the person who was playing the "music." it then dawned on me that it was the worker's outside. hmm. clearly i have great taste in music!

watching : my computer screen.

loving : the fact that it is may! i'm kind've ready for my life to relax a little and this is the month were most of my commitments will end!

hoping : that i can get things done in time for my big weekend. peace college alum weekend with some of my favorite girls in the world- eating, talking, dancing, and hanging out will be had! in the midst of alum weekend, i have a dance "recital" where i will be showing three pieces on sat. and sun.

wishing : for a lot of things, but also grateful and appreciative of the things God has given me in my life right now.

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