Sunday, May 17, 2009

Krispy Kreme and other things

So, this weekend was INSANE. Insane (say in a sing-song voice).

The Peace College alum weekend was this weekend. I had a great time with my First Finley girls and some of their husbands. The fun began Friday night at 18 Seaboard. Great restaurant. Great food.

Then we all met up at Peace on Saturday morning for breakfast. This would be the point that I start to lose all sense of healthfulness. You want to know something about me-- do you? Okay, here it is. As you can tell from my blog, I am a lover of good, healthy food. I easily turn down junk food at the store and just eat pretty healthfully at home. But the minute you give me "free" food- I can't stop myself. It's a compulsion to eat as much food as I can. Because it's free you see and even if it destroys your body and makes you feel like crap, it's okay, because it's free. I do this every time. I eat like crap every single time. This weekend was no exception.

There was chocolate fondue (went back for seconds), wine, cheese, crackers, white bread, croissants, ribs, soda, scones, cookies, cake balls (made by me . . . ME), Starbucks iced coffee, etc. The list goes on. I ate everything and stuffed some away for later! AHHHH. I can't be stopped. Oh and to add insult to injury there was krispy kreme thrown in there too- I limited myself to one. I have some scruples left.

Okay, add all that junk food with little water intake, little sleep, a dead car, two dance "recitals" and rain and it made for a CRAZY weekend. However, seeing all my Peace girls, having a great dance performance on Sunday and getting a free healthy meal from Susan (thanks Susan) made up (a little) for my gluttonous ways.

I'll get some pics up of our weekend soon. I'm the one with the krispy kreme in her hand.

Right now, I'm going to take a spoonful of coconut oil and wash it down with a huge glass of water. It's no atonement for what I've done to myself, but it's a start.

Maybe next time I'll read this blog before I go to an event with free food.

Maybe . . .

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Alice said...

Fondue, wine, cheese, AND Krispy Kreme...oh YUM!!! And by the way- your cake balls were out of this world good.