Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New toy for me (and Grant of course)

I am not a person who loves the newest, neatest, technologically advanced gizmos. You would laugh at the "old" cell phone I have and I am totally fine with my small tv from college (HD tv, umm no, not even close). The majority of "that stuff" just doesn't excite me. But, there is one thing that I will spend money on and this one thing will make my insides tickle, and that is a . . . . CAMERA. And I just got a new one! Woo hoo! And it also takes video (stop the madness, I know). And it is small (oh my gosh, too much to handle in one day)!

My other digital camera is rather large (digital SLR), so it is hard to discreetly take it places (not that I mind looking like a tourist at the State fair and Applebees, but you know, I got to draw the line somewhere). Oh, but this new camera is small and compact and I can put it in my purse!!

Fair warning-- there may be videos of my cats, crazy dance moves, the delicate and fine art of playing Wii and other such nonsense. You have been warned.

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