Monday, October 20, 2008

The Fair, The Fair, The Wonderful, Wonderful Fair

This is what I sing every year as the N.C. State Fair approaches. I love the fair. It's crazy and smelly and there are a lot of strange people walking around. It's the only place that I can eat a corn dog and funnel cake while viewing cows, smelling organic vegetable glycerin soap, listening to squeegee demonstrations, and picking up a pickle scratch and sniff sticker within a span of 15 minutes. Grant and I and our two good friends, Marty and Meridith, went last night. Oh, and it was cold . . . so very, very cold.

I ate entirely too much junk food and even went on a ride this year (normally don't so I can use all my money towards MORE FOOD)!

Anyway, pictures will follow of our little adventure. And be forewarned, there are lots of pictures of cows, pigs, donkeys, rabbits, but mostly cows, because I am drawn to their sweet little faces. I want a brown cow for my backyard. How now brown cow.

Pics to follow.

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