Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why is it . . .

That postal workers seem to hate their jobs? I'm serious-- they are not helpful or very nice for that matter. I apologize if you are a postal worker-- these are just my observations. I have never ever had a good experience in a post office, and I try everything in my power not to go there. That's sad, because the people at the front are in a customer service oriented job. Seriously, people, if you don't want to help people then get another job. I get having a bad day, but this is is a constant thing. They are about as bad as clerks in the courthouse or the DMV workers. Oh, I did not just say that. Oh, yes I did. I better be quiet, before people start saying anything about paralegals.

Just my thoughts for the day.

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Krystal (aka Pirouette) said...

I agree! Postal workers, along with DMV workers, seem like some of the most miserable people on earth. I wonder what's so bad about the job that make some people actually shoot up their work place.