Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wool Soakers

I know, I know. I don't have kids and I'm not pregnant, but I couldn't resist knitting a wool soaker. Partly, because I want to know if I can do it and partly because if I do want to make more of these, I should make them now rather than wait until I do have babies (knitting takes a long time and it makes my hands hurt)!

I plan to cloth diaper my babies and wool soakers are just one of the many cloth diapering products. It is a type of diaper cover that fits over a cloth diaper. Wool soakers go for $30 or so-- I can make mine for $9 or so.

Here is my first attempt at a wool soaker. These are the instructions I used. The leg holes turned out a little small in my opinion. But maybe it will fit for a week or two (I have seen how chunky my little nieces and nephews legs got)!!!

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The Pearce Family said...

Very crafty! I've been meaning to tell you about a mom blog. It's There are 4-5 moms who discuss different topics each week. I love it. There's a link to a topic they did one week on clothe diapers. Enjoy :)