Friday, September 5, 2008

Kitchen Magic

So, while I wait to see if Hurricane Hanna will blow me away tonight, I decided to post a recent dish I made with vegetables from my garden and some lovely organic peaches (not from my garden).

Oh, how I love picking vegetables from my garden! These are the peppers and tomatoes that I picked for use in a mexican lasagna recipe (which can be found here). Don't they look fantastically juicy and lovely and all things pretty? Almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

This is what happens when I chop the suckers up and saute them with some onions.

Now, I mix the little babies up with some rice. This would be great just as a side dish. So colorful.

Now that lovely mixture was introduced to the rest of the ingredients: ground turkey, flour tortillas, corn, salsa and cheese . . . lots of cheese.


Now these are some beautiful, organic, locally grown peaches.

I chopped them up and mixed the lovelies with some butter, maple syrup and cinnamon.

Threw some granola, flour, butter (lots and lots of butter) and sugar on top and voila . . . a sinfully delicious peach cobbler (here is the recipe).

He seemed to enjoy the entire meal. And really, that is what is most important. The enjoyment of cooking for your loved ones . . . not worrying about all the fat and calories that you just put into your mouth, nor the fact that you just gained an extra love handle. No, it's all about family!

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