Sunday, September 21, 2008

6 Years

It has been six years today that Grant and I have been married! Have to say they have been some pretty fun six years.

Grant and I met when we were 15 at Providence Baptist Church's annual Christmas concert. I was dancing in the concert and Grant was playing the drums in the orchestra.

Oh my, here we are going to a school dance. We were both 15. Check out the bangs. Wow. Seriously, wow and why?

We dated all through high school. Here we are at the senior prom. At least there are no bangs here.

Broke up for a couple of years while I was in college. Met back up in 2000. Here we are shortly after getting engaged.

And here we are six years earlier to the day

Happy anniversary you crazy, sweet man.


Anonymous said...

One of the best things that has ever happened to Grant!! I told him that many years ago. Happy Anniversary! We love having you in our family Andrea.

Love ya,

The Pearce Family said...

Happy Anniversary guys!!I love you both :)

Krystal (aka Pirouette) said...

I've never seen these wedding pictures. And the pics of you when you were fifteen--priceless!