Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why a blog now?

So, I’ve wanted to start blogging for awhile, but decided that there was simply nothing exciting to blog about. I pretty much stick to the same routine week after week after week after week (you get the idea). But, I knew that eventually things would change and there would be a time when blogging would become appropriate and fun. I think now is that time.

I’m hoping that this will be a blog about our adventures into parenthood and my idealistic but humble approach to growing and raising a baby in the most natural way possible!

(Now, don’t get too excited yet- I’m not pregnant, but we hope to be soon enough. So in the meantime, just hang out and read about our lives pre-baby!)

Now, I’m not completely crunchy. I’d like to think I am, but I’m not. So, please don’t criticize me too harshly when my homemade baby food doesn’t consist of all organic fruits and vegetables or when I use a disposable diaper on the little one every once in awhile (yep, you read that right- I plan to use cloth diapers)! But you guys get the idea. So bear with me on this adventure into a new chapter of our lives.

So, here we go . . .

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The Pearce Family said...

How exciting!!! I'll have to add you as my first link on fourmakesourfamily :) Can't wait for those Baby Lunsfords!!