Thursday, August 7, 2008

Here's a little bit about me

How to begin. I had a great childhood. I was born in Sulphur Springs, Texas. My parents owned a dairy farm down there. I don’t remember much during that time except for bright red and blue carpet in our living room and bedrooms (I guess I was learning to crawl) and a very large, dead, white cow on a dirt road with butterflies dancing ahead (so sad-- can we say traumatized till this day. And what a weird memory to remember).

We moved to Dallas, Texas when I was three. I don’t remember much about that time either (did I mention my memory is awful). Ask my sister- she can freakily remember the minutest details about our lives. Anyway, don’t ask me too much about this time, because I can’t even remember what color carpet we had in any of those houses. I do, however, remember when my dad came bursting through the door one night and told us we were moving to Hawaii!! We were watching Little House on the Prairie (which I still watch on Saturday afternoons at 11:00)!

Okay, so I was 5 when I moved to Hawaii. I remember a lot more about those days, but I won’t go into detail here. Great childhood memories. Lots of exploring, bike riding, underage car driving, clubhouse making, flower picking, boy chasing good times ensued. This is the time where I also started picking up on the natural/homeopathic/herbal approach that my parents used on us. More on that later. So, I was in the prime of my teenage years, 15, when the p’s decided to move back to the mainland (Hawaiian slang for the continental US).

So, now I’m here and wow, what a culture shock that was. Fast forward a couple of years. I finished out high school and college, met and married the love of my life (literally, we started dating when I was 15) and have embarked on a very simple, and sometimes blessedly monotonous, life together.

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Sunny said...

It is so good to see you are doing well.You and your sister were such sweet girls.You are so beautiful!You look like Audrey Hepburn except you are prettier:-)