Friday, August 15, 2008

Another year

So, today I am 28. It was a fantastic day filled with some of my favorite things . . .

Krispy Kreme (my own assorted birthday cake)

and a Dooney & Bourke purse (completely overpriced) . . . but I don't ask for these types of things often (well, never actually), so I'm not going to feel too guilty!

Grant and I also went to 518 West to eat my favorite pasta of all time-- Black Angel Hair Pasta with Salmon. Oh my gosh, between the pasta and the Krispy Kreme I have gained at least 2.37 pounds. Which is okay, because I also got some cute sports bras, so I will feel well-dressed while I run on the treadmill lamenting the fact that I ate the entire bowl of pasta.

Thanks for a great birthday Grant, mom, dad, Sam, Lauren and Rhea (who I will see on Monday)!


The Pearce Family said...

So... I'm a terrible sister-in-law for not remembering your birthday:(
So sorry!! I hope you had a great day. (Love the purse!!)

grannalunsford said...

Happy Birthday, I didn't forget I just got very busy with open house at school yesterday. I hope you had a great day and we will party next Sunday!