Monday, June 20, 2011

Treasure Island

I finished two books recently- Treasure Island and Sense and Sensibility. I can only add one to my list though (Sense and Sensibility was for fun). 

Well, Treasure Island is what I describe a "boy book."  Full of pirates and fighting and treasure.  It was a fun novel, but somewhat hard to follow since there was so much ship talk.  You almost need to know a little about boats to follow.  It started out good but sort of came to a hasty conclusion, in my opinion.  Bonus- at least I know where the name Long John Silver comes from!

Sense and Sensibility was awesome.  A definite "girl book".  It was almost as good as Pride and Prejudice.  Nicely developed characters and story line.  Jane Austen had definitely grown on me.  I also love the movie.

I'm reading Bleak House now.  It was slow to start, but I'm definitely warming up to it now.

Have you noticed I'm just reading from the BBC list now?  It's because I can download a lot of the classics for free to my Kindle.  I've got quite a few on my Kindle now, so I'll be tackling those before I go back to the Time's List (which I'll have to request from the library).  

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