Thursday, February 18, 2010

Creativity. . . where have you gone?

Have you noticed the lack of posting on any creative projects? I have had no inspiration lately. I think I burned myself with card making getting ready for a craft show last winter and I sewed a lot of Christmas presents, so the machine hasn't exactly called my name recently.

However, several weeks ago, a flicker of creative juice started pulsing again. Albeit small, it was enough to jump start me straight into the arms of my well loved Singer. Well that, coupled with the great "snow" storm of NC, allowed me no choice but to finish my own baby's quilt. It is a very simple pattern and I used various pieces of fabric scraps and some sweet owl fabric. The result was perfect for the nursery and perfect to get me started back into creating. Pics coming soon.

The bug has hit again, but more because I refuse to spend $30 to $45 on a stuffed owl. Really? I am all for supporting handmade craftsman, but I just can't spend that much on a 7 inch stuffed animal. So, I decided that I can most certainly make some stuffed owls to go into the nursery. Hopefully, this "juice" will last until the weekend. I hope that I have all the scraps I need in my fabric bin and can make it without purchasing anything. And what perfect inspiration, my MIL just gave me some polyester stuffing. A creative sign- I think so.

Hopefully, pictures of some stuffed owls to follow.

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Jan said...

Yay for creative juices flowing again! :) I can't wait to see your finished baby quilt and the stuffed owls. Have fun creating!