Wednesday, February 24, 2010

25 Weeks

Ooh, this week has kicked my behind. I am so tired all day it is ridiculous! Also the nosebleeds have returned daily around 9:00 am. Very strange. On the fun side of things though, there are certainly periods of time where Baby L is moving like crazy. I don't know what s/he is doing, but it's quite funny (feels like I'm going on a small roller coaster). I don't feel a lot of movement (midwife said it was because my placenta is on top), so I like to be reassured that s/he is there. So, kick away Baby L.
I did end up making a stuffed owl for the nursery. Pictures should be on my next post. It's quite cute. I will need to make a bigger one so there's a pair of them in there.


The Vernon's said...

You look great, Andrea! I'm sorry about the nosebleeds.. hopefully that will not continue the whole time!

I am so glad your pregnancy is going well! I'm so excited for you!

sayurijade said...

Omg! I had nose bleeds too. Arent they awesome? Luckily they stop when the baby comes. You look great. :)