Wednesday, December 9, 2009

As promised-- Card Giveaway

Since I have so many leftover cards from the shows, I would love to share some with a lucky reader.

Just leave me a comment. I will randomly pick one commenter and send them a pack of 8 (different) handmade cards with envelopes (I can only send cards to people in the U.S., sorry).

By the way, you don't have to have a blogger account or do any "signing up" to leave comments. Just use the anonymous section (make sure you at least put your first name)!

I would love to hear from any new readers or silent readers!

Deadline for comments will be this Saturday at 10:00 EST. I'll announce the winner soon after that, so make sure you check back so you know if you've won!


karen said...

oooh... awesome. pick me, pick me. i'm a fan of all your crafts!! :-)

Caitlin said...

:) PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME! I am your favorite cousin right? LOL
I hate to admit, I am one of your silent readers.

Susan H. said...

Hey Andrea,
I'm just glad your blog was updated today when I went to check it! I enjoy your updates and am thrilled for you for your pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just wanted to tell you I enjoy reading your blog and I love your cards! You're very talented! :0)

The Pearce Family said...

Ok, so I'm not a silent reader but I just wanted to say hi and I love that you're doing a give away :)

The Vernon's said...

I love your cards!

I'm a silent reader,too.. sorry! I love reading your blog though!

Sarah said...

I'm not a new reader, or a silent reader... but I love your cards! I think it's awesome that you're doing a giveaway!