Monday, July 20, 2009

My secret

Recently, a few people have asked me where I get my quilting patterns and I'm happy to pass on the site because it is so inspiring and fun to look through-- the Moda Bake Shop. I have fallen in love with Moda fabrics, so when I came across this site I was in heaven. Check it out and see if you are not bit by the Moda fabric bug!

Some of the patterns I use I just make up, so I'm not much help there. I love charm packs which are 5 x 5 inch squares of fabric, so that sort of dominates what pattern I come up with. I am trying to branch out with my patterns, so keep checking back to see what I've come up with.

Thanks for all the great words of encouragement.

Quilting rocks.

And I'm a dork. And I embrace it!

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JWJW2 said...

Thanks for the information! I just checked out the site and LOVE it! I had no clue it was out there. I've never purchased a charm pack before, but will definitely have to try it. Thanks!
Jan :)