Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Right Now I am . . .

drinking : raspberry leaf organic tea-- 15 points if you can figure out why.

feeling : desperate to go home. i have nothing to do at work right now and hate wasting my precious time sitting and pretending to be busy. hope the bosses aren't reading this.

listening : to the whir of my space heater and the creaking of my office windows.

watching : the clock move entirely too slowly.

loving : my moda fabrics. i just ordered another charm pack for another quilt. this will make quilt number 4. quilting rocks. now what to do with all these quilts. i've entertained the idea of opening an etsy store to sell some handmade cards and maybe when i get good enough, some quilts. it would be awesome to bring in a little extra money one of these days.

hoping : for a quick work week.

wishing : for peace on earth


Alice said...

Oooooo (raise hand)...b/c the tea is good for reproduction in women. :-)

Andrea and Grant said...

Correct you are! It tones the uterus.