Monday, September 26, 2011


Uh, yeah, so it's been awhile since I've updated.  Let's see, not a whole lot has happened lately except I ran the 10K MS Mud Run this past Saturday.  It was a blast!!  I think we were all super nervous the whole time because we just didn't know what to expect, but it was a blast and I would definitely do it again. 

Here we are all clean and shiny.  Our team was the "Muddy Mamas . . . It's Our Turn to Make a Mess."  Note the bows!

I'm wearing the orange bow and sliding down the mud hill.

Jumping off a 10 foot platform into muddy water. . . fun!

One of the obstacles.

6.2 miles and around 40 obstacles later . . . Here we come (I'm the one in the back waving)!  We made it!


People are still uploading pictures, so I'm sure there will be a few more to show.

Sorry for the long lapse.  I'm alive and I'll do better!

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