Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our First Protest

Coraline and I experienced our first protest last month.  Without getting into too many details, my beloved Alma Mater, Peace College, which has a 154 year history of being a women's school has decided to change the name of the school and become co-educational.  I am very disappointed in the direction the college will be taking and feel very misled by the Board of Trustees. 

About 150 alumna decided to "peacefully protest" the changes by circling around the fountain, singing the Alma Mater and throwing a red rose into the fountain (a very old graduation tradition).  Tame enough for a 15 month old to attend!

She's got her red rose ready.

 Here is a picture from the N&O- I'm in there, but my head is turned away.

 Here we are singing the Alma Mater around the broken fountain and throwing in the roses. 

So beautiful!

 Got my Peace gear on and ready to throw the rose in.

 My little protester!

 Me and my friend, Susan, around the fountain.

Then it started pouring down rain.  She was totally into it!

It was so bittersweet to be on the campus and to know that it will never be the same again.  Sounds dramatic, I know, but it's hard to understand unless you went there.

Preserve Peace College's Legacy!!!

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Jan said...

I love that you're standing up for what you believe in. I'm sorry for the changes. My question would be, "why...after all these years would you change?". Love the photos and love that C went with you.