Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reading shall commence once again

Grant got me a Kindle for Christmas this year.  I did not ask for it- he came up with the idea all by himself.  After scoffing about the whole idea of it for a year I am here to publicly eat my words!  I thought the whole thing was ridiculous- really, you can't just read a book.   Well, yes, you can most definitely read a book, but believe it or not the Kindle makes it so much easier to read a book! 

I can't read a book and watch Coraline at the same time.  There is something about holding the book and turning pages that I can't do while on the ground playing or while nursing her.  But the Kindle is flat, so I literally just have to use one hand (or none, just a finger) to read.  The difference it makes is amazing.  It has previously taken me weeks to finish a book (with Coraline here), but now I can finish them in no time (I've read 4 books in the span of 1.5 weeks).


I think I can work on my Time's and BBC list again.  

If you ever thought about getting one (but just thought it was ridiculous), I can wholeheartedly recommend it!

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